This new and revolutionary interactive advertising and marketing platform enables all businesses “to come to Main Street” and interactively showcase their businesses for free by displaying videos, photos/images, and written information for users to view from your PC. Link-building opportunities for participating businesses are also a component of the platform.

Create a customized search listing that is automatically distributed to all the leading local search engines (Google , Yahoo Local, MSN Local Live, and many more) for maximum awareness in your current market . When a customer searches for a category in your local area, your Online Search Listing shows up. Plus your listing is optimized so it achieves increasingly higher rankings.  

How It Works

All you have to do is create your Online Search Listing by providing information about your business and 24/7 Main Street does the rest. No website? No Problem. Your Online Search Listing will be displayed across a comprehensive array of the highest traffic sites online.

1. Customize your Online Search Listing                                    

24/7 Main Street clients will be able to create an Online Search Listing that provides detailed and comprehensive information for your prospective customers. You can log-in, update and edit your information at any time.

2. Distribute your Online Search Listing network of search Engins   

After your Online Search Listing is created, it is automatically distributed to data providers, internet yellow pages, and search engine partners…which means your business is featured through out all the major search properties. When a customer searches for your business category in your local area, your Online Search Listing shows up.

3. Grow Your Business                                                               

24/7 Main Street Online Search Listings are designed to bring local customers to local businesses…it’s that simple. With the power and growth of the internet, you now have the opportunity to benefit from thousands of searches for your type of business in your area. No local newspaper or Yellow Pages can generate the same success.

Here’s finally an opportunity for any type of  business, to affordably publicize itself through variety of multimedia file formats all in one window/page and reach new consumers. Whether it’s an Antiques Dealer who uploads images of his inventory, a Summer Camp showing video of children at play, an Entertainer performing or a Restaurant displaying its menu, the visually engaging presentation of any profession, service or business connects with potential customers in a unique and real way.

24/7 Main Street LLC                         

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