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About The Designer Neomi Feldman was born in Israel in 1954 and is the proud mother of 4 sons and has one grandson. Neomi has been offering her unique contributions to the world of art since she was twenty two, specializing in macramé, patchwork and folk embroidery. In addition, she has trained many women the past 2 decades, sharing with them her love of art and helping them to discover different and richer ways of enhancing their art work. During this time Neomi expanded her repertoire to include needlework and started designing folk costumes with the assistance of choreographers. Since 2006 Neomi has been designing jewelry and other unique items, stemming from her creative imagination and her own special methods and techniques.
מוצרים ושירותים
Celebrating YOUR Connection to Color The Touch of Color jewelry collection features a unique, vibrant blend of color and ambiance, all lovingly handcrafted to express your individuality. Color is a form of visible light: we all need light and instinctively react to it. All of the colors reflected in the rainbow, like each of us, carry their own unique properties. The Touch of Color collection is designed so that we are intuitively drawn to the colors that harmonize, relax, or stimulate our emotions, celebrating our connection to color. Putting your favorite colors' qualities to use can enhance your spirit, improve your health, and ultimately, expand your consciousness. The Touch of Color collection consists of lovingly handcrafted stones placed in uniquely designed settings. Designer Neomi Feldman's lifelong interest in folk embroidery and native costumes strongly influence the bold colors and designs of the jewelry, fusing color and texture to bring you joy and delight.
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